Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prayer in Hebrew

Baruch Adonai Yahweh Eloheuinu Yahweh echad Elohiko Hashamaim

Most blessed Lord Yahweh God-plural personhood Yahweh composite-Unity God higher than the highest heaven

Shamaim Hashamaim Eloueth Ahiyah asher Ahiyah

higher than the highest heaven God I Am (Yah) that I Am (Yah)

El Olam Yahweh El Elyown Yahweh Elohim eth Yaoth Elohim Qadosh
God eternal Yahweh Most High Yahweh God you Yah who drives the evil powers to flight Holy God

Eloah Israel El Shaddai

God of Israel God Almighty


Our Saviour

Adonai Eloah Melek Eloah miqqadash

Lord God King God our Sanctifier

El Israel Anawim

God of Israel Your faithful

El Elohim Yahweh El Olam eth Abba Our Father of Lights Holy with

God of Gods (most high) Yahweh God eternal you

Whom there is no variation or shadow of turning

ben Yahweh bar Elohim

Son of Yahweh Son of God

Yahweh Shamah Emmanuel Yeshua ha Maschiach Jesus Christ Our only Lord

Yahweh Christ perfect servant of hearing God God with us Jesus the Messiah

and Saviour

Ruach Yahweh Chokmah Abiyr Gebuwrah Neshamah Yahweh

Spirit of Yahweh Wisdom Might Power Spirit-Breath of Yahweh

Holy Spirit Life Quickening Breath of Life Energy our


Ruach Elohim Olam Yahweh Borea Emeth Huy Eloah Chay Melek Olam Eloah

Spirit of God eternal Yahweh Creator True Living God and King Immortal God of Hosts

Sabaoth Holy Trinity Adorable Unity

Eloah Anawim with and

God of the faithful

by the prayer and company of all Your

Elect Doxas and Anawim for and with us unceasingly kanawn Anawim

have mercy on Your faithful

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