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Communist Russia-China-Israel

Russia and Israel to deepen military ties

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Thursday October 19, 2006


The above two articles make it clear that there is a Communist Russian-Chinese-Israeli alliance waiting to waylay the United States of America. See below for how far back it goes. The whole purpose in Israel involving the United States in the Middle East is to destroy the Arabs and then have Communist Russia and Red China destroy the United States. It is a trap the United States must not be caught in.

The Point

Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. — Saint Benedict Center

December, 1955

A. Much, three samples of which follow:

1) The official report on immigration to Israel, published by the U. S. Department of Commerce, reveals that most Israelis come from (and necessarily with the blessings of) Soviet Russia and her satellites.

2) As a result of the August elections, the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) is composed of the following elements. Of the Knesset’s 120 seats, forty belong to the Socialist Labor Party (Mapai), an affiliate of the Second International; fifteen belong to the Freedom Party (Herut), political arm of those reportedly-outlawed terrorist gangs whose atrocities shocked the civilized world; ten belong to the Unity of Labor (Ahdut Avoda), an avowedly Marxist group; nine belong to the United Workers Party (Mapam), whichadvocates “the revolutionary class struggle” and “a firm bond between the workers ofthe world and the Soviet Union”; and six belong to the Communist Party of Israel — making a total of eighty seats for these extremist factions, or two-thirds of the parliament’s membership.

3) In June of 1950, an American journalist was told by an official at the Vatican’s Department for Extraordinary Affairs, that the state of Israel is “obviously an outpost of the Soviet Union in the Middle East.” When the journalist objected that the major Israeli party is Socialist and not Communist, he was told, “It is all camouflage. These people are of one mind when it comes to the Christian religion. They are out to de-Christianize the Levant as part of a world-wide plot to destroy what is left of Christian morality.”

Q. If Zionism and Communism are, then, so closely akin why is Israel presently scorning Russia and turning to the U. S. for help?

A. This is a move not of necessity, but of prudence. The large quantities of planes, tanks, and guns Israel has already amassed have come to her mainly from behind the Iron Curtain, and Russia is still willing to keep Israel fortified, as she made clear immediately upon announcement of her arms-deal with Egypt. The Jews, however, are genuinely alarmed about the Arab nations, whose lands they have usurped, whose villages they have ravaged and destroyed, whose people they have slaughtered.

Fearful lest the pent-up rage of the Arab world should finally burst upon them, the Jews want to see the Arabs knocked out once and for all, leaving Israel undisputed mistress of the Middle East. If Russia were to take on the assignment, there would be a danger of the U. S. stepping in on the side of the Arabs. Consequently, the Jews are creating the illusion that Israel is herself a victim of Communist aggression — hopeful that the U. S. can thereby be induced to come to her “defense.”

[end of quote from: Fr. Feeney, The Point]

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