Sunday, January 23, 2011


Communism is based on a Talmudic political pantheism. Some tenets of the whole base to Communism are evolution and all the subsequent bad dating of archeological sites to make racist theories and resultant Communist race and class warfare assumptions and predictions seem credible. They are not at all credible. They are lies.

The sons of Ishmael, other than those who were Christian, were as pagan and tribal and backwards as the rest of the infidels (non Christians), until Muhammad brought the word of God - in the form of the Qur'an - to them. Only then, basing themselves on the ancient Greek civilization which had been preserved by Christians, did they build a civilization that was cultured and humane: namely the Islamic civilization. It is a Communist evolutionary idea, and one that is completely false and wrong factually, to suppose that the civilizations of ancient Sumer and Chaldaea and Egypt and Assyria and Iran were the predecessors to Arab civilization. They were not. They ended with the overrunning of their territory by any number of Hittite and other wild tribes and then Persians, Greeks, Romans etc. All people are descended from the inhabitants of the ancient plain of Shinar, Mesopotamia; the sons and descendants of Noah are all of our ancestors of all people throughout the world. In time the Sumerian and Chaldaean and Assyrian empires there rose and fell just as Egypt and Zoroastrian Iran also did. They were all barbaric and doomed by their uncivilized ferocity towards outsiders and even themselves. Yes, we are all descended from the ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia. And that means we are all equally human and related to one another and all have this same barbaric roots. The same barbaric roots that only faith in the true God, who sent His Son Jesus Christ the Messiah to deliver the faithful into the kingdom of heaven, can save us from. The Ancient Christian God, first of the Patriarchs and Prophets from Adam on and of the New Testament of Christ, and Allah (SWT) are the same and the only true God. Only first the ancient Catholic (Christian) civilization and then Islamic civilization are civilized. Everything else is infidel and barbaric.

The only real, viable and true and effective and proper (as Michel Aflak made clear) PanArabism and Arab Nationalism is one in which Arab Christian and Arab Muslim faith and culture are on equal footing and with love and cooperation between them and all people of good will throughout the world.

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